The periodical "Orthodox Russia" and its views on the Moscow Patriarchate


"Orthodox Russia" the organ of the Church community, until most recent times when it fell to the control of the Sergianist-ecumenists, was always the Church’s spiritual beacon, indicating the path of the Truth of Christ for all the Russian Diaspora. Among the editors of this journal were found pillars of the Church abroad such as Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko), Archbishop Averky (Tauschev) and Archimandrite Konstantine (Zaitsev).

      The pious reader will observe in the following excerpts how the Russian Church Abroad traditionally viewed the M.P. - Editors.


Imperative to the establishment of the Catacomb Church, is the decision of the Sobor, which forbids the faithful to be spiritually fed by the clergy legalized by the antichristian government.

(Orthodox Russia, 1949, № 17, p. 15).

The Church abroad remains in absolute separation from the MP, and embraces the struggle and confession of the Catacomb Church. 

(Orthodox Russia, 1950, № 23-24, р. 2-3).

The Catacomb Church and the Church Abroad stand on the true canonical path, and the MP has left the truth of Christ - obeying godless authority.

(Orthodox Russia, 1951, № 1, р. 4-8).

 We are the flesh of the flesh and the blood of the blood of the Catacomb Church. Seeking the Patriarchal soviet church is separation from God

 (Orthodox Russia, 1951, № 11, стр. 1-2).

Orthodox Russia is not found in allegiance with the MP but rather with the Catacomb Church 

 (Orthodox Russia, 1953, № 18,р. 1-2).

The Russian Church Abroad has never and will never recognize the false Patriarchal Church nor its false patriarchs Sergius or Alexei.

(Orthodox Russia, 1956, № 12, р. 6-7).

It is against God to recognize the MP as a valid structure parallel to the Church Abroad. Such a parallel currently is found only in the Catacomb Church 

 (Orthodox Russia, 1963, № 19, р. 7-8).

 The soviet church is an attempt by the godless authority to demonstrate to the world a lineage of the Russian Church. In truth the true Tikhonite Church did not follow the false path of Sergius.

(Orthodox Russia, 1964, № 21, р. 8).

 In the pastoral conference of ROCOR 1969 it was stated that: ROCOR of North America and Canada recognizes the MP as a tool of Satan, fighting the true continuance of the Russian Church which is the Catacomb Church.

 (Orthodox Russia, 1969 , № 18, р. 8-10).

ROCOR does not recognize the MP as the Russian Church, which became the Catacomb Church.

(Orthodox Russia, 1970, № 13, р. 8-9).

The MP is not the legacy of the Russian Orthodox Church, as it is in allegiance with the godless soviet authority. The legacy of the Russian Orthodox Church members are either imprisoned or in the Catacombs.

(Orthodox Russia, 1970, № 20, р. 2-4).

The Catacomb Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad are preserving true Orthodoxy, not following the path of the MP - the blind servant of the godless authority.

(Orthodox Russia, 1970, № 21, р. 10).

 To recognize the MP under current circumstances as valid is to judge the Catacomb True Church, which is to deny the Church and her hierarchs and the struggle for spiritual rebirth. 

(Orthodox Russia, 1972, № 8, р. 4-5).

 Soviet youth, joining seminaries provided by the authority are being molded into soviet priests.

 (Orthodox Russia, 1975, № 18, р. 8-9).

 The persecuted part of the true Church is well familiar with Met. Philaret and counts itself as an undivided member of ROCOR

(Orthodox Russia, 1978 г., № 8, р. 10-11).

Many hierarchs of the MP are planted atheists.

(Orthodox Russia, 1980, № 12, р. 1-3).

The MP has not changed since the time of Sergius. For this reason ROCOR has no union with it. ROCOR is in full communion with the True Orthodox Church in Russia, the Catacomb Church. 

(Orthodox Russia, 1990, № 1, р. 8-10).

 After involvement with the ecumenical movement in 1960, the MP became not only schismatic but also a heretical organization 

 (Orthodox Russia, 1990, № 8, р. 9-12).

The soviet church not only betrayed the holy canons, it also went against the fundamental dogmas of our faith and teaching of the Holy Spirit. We doubt there is Grace in the MP.

(Orthodox Russia, «Благодатна ли советская Церковь?», 1948, № 17-19, р. 3-6; 3-6; 7-10).

 Metropolitan does not hear the Spirit of Truth. The soviet patriarch has gone on the path of unity with the spirit of antichrist.

 (Orthodox Russia, «Епархиальный съезд Западно-Европейской епархии в 1948 , 1948, № 22, р. 6-11).

 The true Church proclaims Anathema on the false church and all that it puts the seal of Christ on.

 (Orthodox Russia, 1951, № 6, р. 1-2).

 The false soviet church betrays herself by her satanic nature. 

(Orthodox Russia, 1953, № 11, р. 1-3).

In the soviet church the beginning of antichrist is clearly visible.

 (Orthodox Russia, 1957, № 24, р. 1-3).

 The soviet church is a division of the NKVD with obedient agents dressed as clergy.

 (Orthodox Russia, 1959 , № 3, р. 11-12).

  The clairvoyant nun Agaphia called the soviet church not true, but subservient to antichrist.

 (Orthodox Russia, 1962 , № 10, р. 10-11).

 Members of the True Russian Church renounce the official church as being sold to antichrist

(Orthodox Russia, 1969 , № 10, р. 14).

Monastics  of the Catacomb Church in the Caucasus Mountains never recognized the mysteries of the MP as having grace, and never entered into any relation with the Sergianist patriarchate. 

 (Orthodox Russia, 1993 , № 22, р. 11-12).

 Those in the Church of Met. Joseph of Petrograd denounce any grace in the mysteries of the Sergianists.

 (Orthodox Russia, 1995 , № 10, р. 7-9).