Official Documents

  • Address to the Faithful


    Beloved in Christ fathers brothers and sisters in the homeland and abroad!

    We the archpastors of the ROCA gathered this year for the Sobor of Bishops at the Monastery of St. … more

  • Protocols from the 2013 Sobor



    Session of the Synod of the ROCA

    19 Sept / 02 Oct 2010 Soltonovka, Kiev, Ukraine


    President, Archbishop Vladimir

    Vice President, Bishop Victor … more

  • Paschal Epistle of Archbishop Vladimir

    Christ is Risen!



    Beloved in Christ fathers, brothers and sisters, both in the Homeland and in the Diaspora, greetings with the great holy Feast of Christ& … more

  • Bishop Alexis' Nativity Sermon

    Beloved in Christ brothers and sisters!

    Greetings on the feast of the Nativity of our Lord!

    This incomprehensible and great wonder occurred more than 20 centuries ago in the regions of Bethlehem. … more

  • Nativity Epistle of Archbishop Vladimir

    Christ is Born - I greet you with this great Feast day of the Nativity of our Lord!


    In these radiant days the holy Church sings grace-filled festal hymns. Beginning with the feast of the … more

  • Ordination to Priesthood in Montreal

    Ordination to Priesthood in Montreal


    The feast of All Saints was met this year with a particular joy. During the Divine Liturgy, the deacon of our Montreal parish, Fr. Igor Gritsishin was … more

  • Hierotonia of Bishop Ambrose (Dvornichenko)


    Early in the meetings of the Council of Bishops (2011) it was determined to elevate Hieromonk Ambrose (Dvornichenko) to the episcopacy.


    The hierotonia was announced following the … more

  • Autobiographies of our Bishops


     BISHOP TICHON (Antonov) 

    In the world Anton Valerey Nicholaievitch, I was born December 4, 1976 in the Sergeev of the Pavlogorodsk region … more