Two Monastic Tonsures in Montreal

On Saturday 10/23 April, 2016, after Vespers on Palm Sunday, the Feast of the Lord's Entry to Jerusalem, at the Bishops’ Podvorie in Montreal (Canada), Archbishop Vladimir of San Francisco and Western America, tonsured two monks: novitiate Boris (Starkov) was tonsured to Rassophore keeping his old name and Rassaphore Monk Valery (Osipov) was tonsured to the Little Schema with the name Vitaly, in honor of Rev. Monk Vitaly who lived in the 7th century, whose memory is celebrated on the 22nd of April (old calendar). The Elder of both monks is Bishop Ambrose of Denver.

The newly tonsured monks: Fr. Vitaly and Fr. Boris will carry out their obedience at the Bishops’ Podvorie in Montreal and at the Holy Transfiguration Skete in Mansonville.

Let us wish courage and God's help to Fr. Vitaly and Fr. Boris as they embark on the monastic path.

Save us Christ Lord!