Russian Orthodox Children's Camp at Holy Transfiguration Skete.



The fourth annual Children's Camp in Mansonville Canada came to an end on the Feast of the Placing of the Robe of the Theotokos, Sunday July 2/15. While the session followed established tradition, this year saw some new events.


Children of ROCOR parishes visited from many areas including Montreal. Sherbrook, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and New York. Most campers had attended in previous years and the veterans warmly welcomed those attending for the first time.


As in previous years great effort was shown from the faithful and Clergy of Montreal's St. Seraphim Parish. Special note should be given to those laypeople not having their own children at the camp, who none the less offered their efforts and vacation time in Christ's Wheatfield for  the benefit of our future generations.


His Grace Archbishop Vladimir visited and served the Sunday Liturgy as well as the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Other services as well as classes in The Law of God were conducted by attending clergy. His Grace also held sessions both with the older and younger groups.


All participants left with a joyous feeling of their time at the camp. May God grant them to grow as worthy Christians, and their parents the strength to guide them.


From the directors of the Children's Camp