Paschal Services in Buena


Paschal services were celebrated with much joy in the Parish of the New Martyrs of Russia in Buena, New Jersey.  Archbishop Vladimir travelled to the parish from Canada to officiate.

Services were held on Great Thursday with the reading of the Twelve Gospels of our Lord’s Passion.  Great Friday’s services followed with the carrying out of the burial shroud at Vespers and the Saturday Matins with procession.

On the radiant Feast of Pascha, Archbishop Vladimir served Easter Matins with the procession of the Cross, followed by the Liturgy.  After Liturgy, Archbishop Vladimir blessed the Easter breads and food.

Matushka Adelaida Nekludoff led the choir despite the fact that she has been suffering from severe arthritis recently.  Parishioners came from as far as Florida to be present.  A trapeza was enjoyed by all in the early hours of the morning.  Glory to God for all things!