Archbishop Vladimir's Visit to Australia

Left to right: Archpriest Vladimir Cukanov, Bishop Filaret, Archbishop Vladimir, Deacon Sergei, Subdeacon Vasyl

From Jan 20 to Feb 10 (ns) 2014 Archbishop Vladimir visited the Australian diocese along with two parishioners from Montreal, Ilya Kornishin and Symion Bezkaravaiev. At the Sydney airport they were met by Fr. Vladimir Tsukanov and parish members.

On Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee Vladika Vladimir served Liturgy at the parish of the Royal Martyrs of Russia and New Martyrs of Russia accompanied by Fr. Vladimir and Deacon Sergei. Following the service, the sisterhood lovingly prepared a trapeza.

The same day, Vladika traveled to Brisbane where he was met by Bishop Philaret, and at his request conducted a discussion with parishioners of the parish of St Seraphim of Sarov. During the discussion, Vladika responded to many questions which were of concern to the parishioners. In part, Vladika explained that in this time of division, widespread apostasy and spiritual weakening, it is most imperative for the Christian to preserve his Orthodox faith and conviction - as it was left to us by our hierarchs and enlighteners of the Church Abroad. Vladika commented that it is without doubt a great tragedy that relatives of many of the faithful attend various jurisdictions and urged to firmly stand in the truth and to bear one’s Cross in defense of the truth. Vladika further commented that the tragedy of 2001 affected all the faithful, and encouraged us to gently remind our kinsmen that prayerful union is not possible with the heretical Sergianist and ecumenist synod of Igor Kapralle (so referring to Met. Laurus); or likewise those confessing the unorthodox ecclesiology of Cyprianism adhered to by those siding with Agathangel Pashkovsky; or with the schismatic group of heiromonk Tichon Pasechnik whose "hierotonia to the episcopacy" was not recognized by his beatitude Met. Vitaly or our synod.

Vladika then returned to Sydney where he served on the week of the Prodigal Son. He also was invited to the homes of the faithful where he again addressed  church and spiritual questions.

Soon Bishop Philaret also arrived in Sydney, where the two hierarchs served together on Meatfare Sunday. A trapeza followed and afterwards Vladika and his co-travelers left for the airport to make their return to Montreal, Canada.

       Particular note should be given to the Australian diocese for the brotherly love and welcoming shown to the visitors from Canada.


An eyewitness of the events.